Interstate Batteries Powering Your Drive: The Reliable Legacy

One brand stands out for its dependability and dependable performance in the ever-evolving field of automotive technology: Interstate Batteries. This brand, which has a long history dating back to 1952, is now known for providing exceptional service and high-quality car batteries. In this piece, we’ll examine the attributes that set Interstate Batteries apart as a driver’s choice, examine their product lineup, and learn about the company’s amazing history from its founding to the present.

Interstate Batteries

The Trusted Choice in Automotive Power
Wide Availability of Interstate Batteries:

Interstate Batteries boasts a vast distribution network, ensuring that their products are easily accessible both in-store and online. This widespread availability is a testament to the brand’s commitment to reaching customers wherever they are, providing convenience and reliability.

Premium Performance with the MTX Car Battery Line:

The Interstate MTX car battery line is designed for optimal performance and extended life. This line includes both AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) options, catering to various vehicle types. Whether you have a start-stop vehicle, a car loaded with accessories, or a truck requiring a specialized battery, Interstate has you covered.

Understanding the lifespan of a car battery is crucial for preventing unexpected breakdowns. Typically, car batteries last between three to five years, but several factors, including climate and driving habits, can influence their longevity. Recognizing warning signs such as a slow engine crank can help drivers address battery issues before they escalate.

Powering More Than Just Cars: Interstate Batteries in the Marine Industry

Interstate Batteries isn’t limited to the automotive realm – the brand extends its commitment to quality and reliability to marine batteries. With a focus on high quality and unmatched service, Interstate has become the preferred choice for marine enthusiasts seeking a dependable power source for their watercraft.

A Vision Beyond Batteries: The Origins of Interstate
Founder’s Vision:

The story of Interstate Batteries begins with John Searcy, who founded the company in 1952. Searcy’s vision extended beyond merely selling batteries; he aimed to create a platform that would empower team members, distributors, and partners to provide for their families and contribute to their communities.

Leadership Transition:

In the present day, Interstate Batteries is led by CEO Scott Miller. His role goes beyond the typical CEO responsibilities, as he is set to assume the position of Executive Chairman of the Board. This transition reflects the company’s commitment to continuity and steady leadership.

A Texas-Based Powerhouse
Company Overview:

Interstate Batteries is a public company headquartered in Texas, employing an estimated 1,700 individuals. Its significant market share in the Battery Store Franchises industry – accounting for approximately 11.9% of total industry revenue in the US – underscores the brand’s dominance and influence.

Powering the Future

Interstate Batteries has solidified its position as a reliable and trusted brand in the automotive and marine industries. With a commitment to quality, a diverse product line, and a visionary founder’s legacy, the brand continues to power vehicles and beyond. Whether you’re on the road or setting sail, Interstate Batteries ensures that you have the power to keep moving forward.

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