Opening the Cart Titan: An Amazing Power Aiming for Titan

Cart Titan

The Formidable Cart Titan:

Pieck Finger, the inheritor of the Cart Titan, harnessed this power during a crucial conflict, playing a pivotal role in the fate of nations. The Cart Titan, when transformed, stood at a formidable 4 meters tall while adopting a quadrupedal stance, walking on all fours.

Pieck Finger’s Role in Attack on Titan:

Manami Numakura brought Pieck Finger to life in the Attack on Titan TV series (2013–2023), portraying the intense moments when the Cart Titan was unleashed on the battlefield. Pieck’s noteworthy use of the Titan form included transporting Bertolt Hoover to a strategic location for transformation, showcasing the versatility of the Cart Titan in warfare.

Dispelling Myths: Beast Titan and Grisha Jaeger:

It’s essential to clarify that the Beast Titan is not synonymous with Grisha Jaeger, Eren’s father and the previous holder of the Attack Titan and briefly, the Founding Titan. The Cart Titan, in contrast, remained distinct from these entities, further highlighting the diverse nature of the Titan powers.

The Cart Titan’s Unique Attributes:

While the Cart Titan might strike fear into the hearts of those who encounter it due to its sheer Titan nature, it is considered by some as the weakest among the Nine Titans. This perception arises from its quadrupedal nature, setting it apart from other Titans. However, this distinctiveness becomes an asset as the Cart Titan can accommodate multiple turrets on its back, adding an element of surprise and versatility to its arsenal.

The Cart Titan, led by Pieck Finger, becomes a formidable force in the complex world of Attack on Titan, where Titans control the path of history. Its distinct qualities, along with Pieck’s tactical application in combat, highlight the complexity of Titan powers in this engrossing story. The Cart Titan is still a fascinating and powerful character in this grand saga of Attack on Titan, as fans continue to explore its mysteries.

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