Road Scholar’s Lifelong Learning Adventures Can Help You Unlock Your Wisdom

The Wonders of Road Scholar’s: A Journey of Lifelong Learning

Road Scholar's

The Age Spectrum of Road Scholar’s Participants

Contrary to popular belief, Road Scholar isn’t exclusively designed for retirees. While the average age of participants is around 72, the organization welcomes a diverse range of travelers aged from their 50s through their 90s. In fact, even grandchildren as young as five can join the Grandparent or Family Programs, showcasing the organization’s commitment to providing inclusive learning experiences.

Leadership at the Helm of Road Scholar’s

Guiding Road Scholar’s ship is James Moses, the president and chief executive officer since 2002. Under his leadership, Road Scholar has solidified its position as the world leader in lifelong learning. Moses’s commitment to the organization’s mission is evident, ensuring that participants receive unparalleled educational opportunities.

Rising Trend in Road Trips

In a post-pandemic era, the allure of road trips has seen a significant uptick. Statistics reveal that 62.5% of Americans, including 69% of families, plan to embark on more road trips than before. Road Scholar caters to this trend with micro-group and small-group travel programs, fostering a sense of camaraderie among like-minded adventurers.

Micro Group Tours: An Intimate Experience

For those seeking a more intimate learning environment, Road Scholar’s micro group tours limit cohorts to no more than 12 participants. This setting enables unique access to instructors, fostering a deeper connection with the subject matter while maintaining the camaraderie of a small group.

Small-Group Travel Programs: Exploring Together

For a slightly larger but still close-knit experience, Road Scholar’s small-group travel programs consist of 10 to 24 participants. This size ensures a personalized and engaging exploration of new areas, allowing travelers to forge meaningful connections with their fellow adventurers.

Not-for-Profit Commitment

Unlike traditional travel companies, Road Scholar operates as a not-for-profit organization, prioritizing learning over profit. Since its founding in 1975, this unique status has allowed Road Scholar to put education at the forefront of its decision-making, ensuring participants receive unparalleled educational experiences.

Road Scholar's

Inclusive and Comprehensive Programs

One of Road Scholar’s standout features is its all-inclusive approach. From expert-led lectures and field trips to accommodations, most meals, gratuities, and group transportation, Road Scholar takes care of all program details and costs, including those that participants might not anticipate. Even international trips can include airfare, providing a hassle-free experience.

Tipping Etiquette

While Road Scholar assures participants that tipping is included for group leaders and drivers, it’s crucial to recognize the efforts of these dedicated individuals. Many participants advise tipping guides and drivers as a gesture of appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

Road Scholar stands as a beacon for those seeking a journey of lifelong learning, inspiring adults to discover, explore, and travel. With its diverse programs, inclusive approach, and commitment to education, Road Scholar offers a unique blend of adventure and enlightenment. As the travel landscape evolves, Road Scholar continues to be a trailblazer in providing transformative experiences that span generations.

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